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Shenzhen Heng Sheng Tong Technology Company Ltd.(HST) was established in October 2006.HST has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan. It’s a electronic trading company specialized in electronic components of national brand, and has extensive experience in the electronics industry. In the fierce market competition, HST Electronics gradually created a set of their own trade advantages with its unique mode of operation, quality service.

Our products include PCB (multi-layer circuit board) that used in mobile phones and other industrial electronic equipment, handheld smart terminal equipment that used in mobile phones / PAD and so on. Our major customers are R & D and production’s famous companies (in the cell phone / mobile terminal / data card) such as Taiwan Arima , Shanghai Huaqin, Shanghai Ragentek Technology, Shanghai Longcheer, Shanghai Techain, Shenzhen Huiye, Shenzhen Yiton, Shenzhen Bestone, Beijing Touch, Xiamen Amoisonic, Xiamen Linktop, Shenzhen Tongze etc.

HST has a stable, a good supply channels and resources are adequate. partners include Gold Circuit Electronics, Meiko Electronics etc. At the same time of meeting your needs, quick quotation, accurate and timely delivery is our commitment. Sincerely provide our clients with efficient and quality service. We are adhering to the purpose of "Service to customers, to help customers", let customers feel more assured peace of mind, and save more time and effort ,more cost savings for customers. Through cooperation with many famous enterprises and manufacturers, we established perfect partnership, gained credibility and support. HST has become a professional supplier of electronic components and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.

Credibility is the prerequisite for cooperation, is also the key to success. We look forward to working with you to create a wonderful future.

Our main areas include electronic components (MPC, PCB) and other import, export business. we provide you with warm and considerate service to meet your needs by preferential price, reliable quality. Welcome to your inquiries.